Aysanabee Live Under The Canopy

Canopy Music Theatre, St. Clair W/Dufferin Neighborhood, Toronto ON

This Saturday, August 14th we welcome Aysanabee to Canopy Music Theatre Tickets now available. Reservations required. Reserve now at CanopyMusicTheatre@gmail.com

Aysanabee is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer songwriter currently based in Toronto.

He recently signed a record deal with Ishkode, one of the first Indigenous-owned and operated labels in Canada.

He was featured in the Indigenous Music Awards Emerging Artists Series(IMAs) and was in the running for the IMA’s music video competition for his song “The Dawn” and later featured in a documentary series for this year’s International Indigenous Music Summit.

Aysanabee released two singles earlier this year and is currently working on his debut album.

His sound ranges from folk songs backed up by tap-percussive guitar playing to alt-rock and soul.