Darcy Windover Live Under The Canopy

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Canopy Music Theatre, St. Clair W/Dufferin Neighborhood, Toronto ON

This Sunday, September 12th 2021, we welcome singer/songwriter Darcy Windover under The Canopy.

Tickets now available. Reservations required. To book now, send to CanopyMusicTheatre@gmail.com

There is something dazzling about the music of Darcy Windover. Standing at the crossroads of americana, roots-rock, folk, & country, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter is a rare breed of musician. One who makes richly crafted songs scan effortless at a distance, & captively at a close-up. Windover's two solo albums, Stones Bleed Honey (2015) & Cope (2019), reflect those styles. They ring personal but universal. He has opened for Kiefer Sutherland & shared the stage with Finger Eleven, David Usher, and the Tragically Hip, & toured internationally. Complimenting the creative, Windover is also a technical genius, building some of the best guitars & amplifiers to come out of Ontario with the Windover brand seen in the hands of players across the world.